Finals fever part 2: Storm and Sharks fans compared


Market Research : Finding No: 6987

It's NRL Grand Finals time again: which means it's time for Roy Morgan Research's annual comparison of the finalists' supporters! Sharks and Storm fans, this is your life...
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Finals fever: Bulldogs and Swans fans compared


Market Research : Finding No: 6985

It's AFL Grand Finals time again: which means it's time for Roy Morgan Research's annual comparison of the finalists' supporters! Bulldogs and Swans fans, this is your life...
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National Party support is at lowest level since before election; now behind potential Labour/ Greens Alliance

Political : Finding No: 6971

During September support for National fell for the second straight month, by 4.5% to 41.5% (the lowest support for National in three years since September 2013) now clearly behind a potential Labour/Greens alliance 45.5% (up 5.5%) for the first time in a year – since September 2015 after Prime Minister John Key attended several overseas summits in early September.

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ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence jumps 4.4% (5.1pts) to 120.6

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence - September 27, 2016 - 120.6

Economic : Finding No: 6970

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence bounced back this week, rising a solid 4.4% to 120.6 and more than offsetting the previous week’s decline. The improvement in confidence was broadly based. Consumers’ views towards their current finances jumped 5.4%, while views towards future finances rose a solid 4.0%. Encouragingly, the indicator on current finances is at a post-GFC high.
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1 in 15 AFL and NRL Grand Final viewers could be betting on the outcome

Market Research : Finding No: 6984

With two football Grand Finals over one glorious weekend, sports fans—and online betting agencies—are in for a treat. More Australians than ever bet on AFL and NRL games this past year, and the internet now dominates as the method of choice for these sports gamblers, Roy Morgan Research shows.
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How popular are customer loyalty programs really?


Market Research : Finding No: 6983

Despite detractors’ claims that customer loyalty programs are too complicated, offering little real value for consumers, 71% of the Australian population are members of at least one, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal.
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Satisfaction with banks improves marginally in August


Market Research : Finding No: 6979

Satisfaction with banks’ personal customers in August 2016 was 81.6%, up from 81.5% in July 2016.This is well above the long-term average and just below the 20-year high recorded in 2015.
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Spreading the joy: Australia’s growing taste for butter


Market Research : Finding No: 6982

The margarine vs butter debate has been raging for decades, fuelled by two very different schools of medical/nutritional thought. And according to the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research, butter is currently winning the argument.
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iPhone delivers high usage for photos, music and video

mobile music

Market Research : Finding No: 6977

Almost half of Australia’s 16 million smartphone owners are using an Apple iPhone. These iPhone owners are much more likely than others to use the handset as a camera or for playing videos and music.
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State of the Nation 25: Spotlight on Financial Risk

August 25 2016

Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine this week presented the latest State of the Nation Report in Melbourne and Sydney, with a special Spotlight on Financial Risk including Mortgage debt & stress, Income risks and the adequacy of retirement ...

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