State of the Nation Report 23 -Retail - Presentation

This is the full presentation from the State of the Nation Presentation on Retail This new research explores: How economic conditions affect consumer spend and attitudes, Disruption and online shopping trends, The new wave of international retailers, The future of supermarkets and more
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Travel Agent Brand Health and Holiday Booking Trends .

The report benefits travel agents by tracking their performance over time relative to their competitors in terms of brand awareness, advertising awareness, usage, consideration and loyalty. It reports on these measures for both traditional bricks-and-mortar travel agents as well as online only travel booking websites.
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Superannuation and Wealth Management in Australia Report – October 2017

This report features rankings of the top 19 superannuation fund managers as well as topical issues such as potential financial planner bias, perception of independence and advice along with satisfaction of financial performance have also been dealt with in considerable detail.
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Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards

Our Customer Satisfaction ratings are collected from Roy Morgan’s Single Source survey of approximately 50,000 Australians annually – the world’s largest ongoing single source survey.
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Roy Morgan Research gives you the power of the world's best market research data in ready-made reports and profiles with latest research statistics, information and news. This includes consumer satisfaction reports, customer profiles and industry reports relevant to your target audience.

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