"Keeping Interest Rates Down" - Most Important Issue Report

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About this Report

Roy Morgan Research measures the federal voting intention of Australian electors as well as the issues that these electors consider important. This report ranks all 150 federal electorates by the number of Australians enrolled to vote that consider the issue: "Keeping Interest Rates Down" as important.

Benefits of this Report

The only way to connect with your local electorate is to know what issues they consider important. It is only then that you can frame your policies and develop engaging communications plans.

This report provides a snapshot of the importance of an issue to all electorates across Australia, ranking them by importance. As Australians prepare to vote, each seat will be contested heavily and for any interested participant in the Federal Election being able to focus their campaigns on the issues of most importance to their electorates will be key to capturing the voters’ attention and more importantly, their vote.

Additional Information

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This report provides you with the total number of people that find this issue important for every federal House of Representatives electorate as well as the percentage of the electorate that find it important and the likelihood that it is considered more or less important than the average Australian. You will also get a chart of the top 10 electorates that find this issue important.

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Time Period: July 2011 - June 2013
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