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Roy Morgan New Zealand has been collecting data on New Zealanders since the 1990s. Customer Satisfaction ratings are collected from our Roy Morgan Single Source survey of approximately 7,000 New Zealanders aged 14+ each year – New Zealand’s most comprehensive single source survey.

Roy Morgan has over 75 years’ experience in collecting objective, independent information on consumers. New Zealand Single Source is part of Roy Morgan Research international Single Source.

This data is used as the input into determining the winners of the New Zealand Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards.

To be eligible for the Award an organisation’s product or service is included within the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction list in the Roy Morgan Single Source survey and record a minimum sample size as detailed in this document.

This document sets out the process of data collection, dissemination and publishing of the Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Awards.



Based on our New Zealand Single Source survey, each quarter we publish on this website the top five organisations from our Customer Satisfaction monitor for each sub-category within each of the award categories listed below:

Automotive Retail Telecommunications
Car Manufacturers Auto Stores Home Phone Providers
Banking and Insurance Clothing Stores Mobile Phone Service Providers
Major Banks Coffee/Doughnut Shops Home Internet Service Providers
Financial Institutions Department Stores Mobile Phone Handsets
Grocery Shopping Furniture/Electrical Stores Eating out / Dining out
Supermarkets Hardware Stores Quick Service Restaurants
Tourism and Travel Music/Book Stores Utilities
Domestic Airlines Shoe Stores Electricity Providers
International Airlines Sports Stores Gas Providers

On an annual basis the Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Award winner is announced for each sub-category.

The winner of the annual award will be the organisation that has achieved the most quarters with a number one ranking. In the event that two organisations tie with the most first rankings, the winner will be decided by the highest overall percentage for the year.


The Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Awards provide winners with the opportunity to promote their achievement in their advertising and promotion as well as through the Roy Morgan Research website and newsletters. The use of the winner’s logo will be mutually agreed between Roy Morgan Research and the individual category winners.


What constitutes satisfaction?

For each product or service Roy Morgan Research asks customers to rate that product or service on a scale of: ‘very satisfied’, ‘fairly satisfied’, ‘neither satisfied nor dissatisfied’, ‘fairly dissatisfied’ and ‘very dissatisfied’ or ‘completely satisfied’, ‘somewhat satisfied’, ‘neither satisfied nor dissatisfied’, ‘not very satisfied’ and ‘not at all satisfied’. We combine those that were ‘fairly satisfied’ and ‘very satisfied’ and calculate this as a percentage of total customers. For every category only customers of that product or service are included.

Products and Services monitored

Due to the broad scope of our Single Source surveys and conducting the surveys nationally Roy Morgan Research monitors customer satisfaction for many products and services. However some smaller, but no less worthy, products and services may not be monitored by our survey or may not have enough customers surveyed to be included.

Click here to see products and services currently being monitored. If your organisation competes in a particular sub-category and would like to be considered for inclusion in the survey please contact us at:

In the event that an organisation or brand is bought by another organisation, we will continue to monitor the original brand or organisation until such time that there is general public knowledge that the brand/s have been merged.


Collection of satisfaction ratings

The Roy Morgan Single Source survey in New Zealand is conducted quarterly. Customer Satisfaction is collected as part of this survey of approximately 7,000 people aged 14+ in New Zealand.

Time periods

Roy Morgan Research continuously monitors customer satisfaction throughout the award year. We use cumulative rolling quarterly averages to obtain a large enough sample so that smaller or niche brands can be monitored alongside larger ones. Current time periods are determined by each industry and the businesses within that industry, these are generally 12 month rolling averages. The specific time periods for the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards are published with the results.

Sample sizes

To ensure accuracy in our monitoring Roy Morgan Research requires that organisations must have a sample of at least 100 customers from Roy Morgan’s Single Source survey that have used the products or service of that organisation in any given rolling period. Sample sizes are published with results.

Rounding and ranking

We round the quarterly satisfaction score to the nearest whole percent for all categories.

Many organisations within categories compete closely on customer satisfaction and as such there may be more than one winner in a given quarter.

Margin of error

In interpreting survey results, it must be remembered that all sample surveys are subject to sampling variation. If a large number of samples were taken in the same way they would all produce slightly different results. The size of such sampling variation depends largely on the number of interviews.

Table 1: Single Source Margin of Error
In Percentage Points (at 95 in 100 confidence level)*

Recommended allowance for sampling variation of an individual percentage.
Percentages (p) near: Sample Size (n)
10,000 5,000 1,500 1,000 750 600 400 200 100
10 or 90 0.7 1.0 1.9 2.3 2.6 2.9 3.6 5.1 7.2
20 or 80 1.0 1.4 2.5 3.0 3.5 3.9 4.8 6.8 9.6
30 or 70 1.1 1.6 2.8 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.5 7.8 11.0
40 or 60 1.2 1.7 3.0 3.7 4.3 4.8 5.9 8.3 11.8
50 1.2 1.7 3.1 3.8 4.4 4.9 6.0 8.5 12.0

*The chances are 95 in 100 that the sampling error is less than or equal to the figure shown.


Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction is a part of our Single Source Survey which is conducted under our Quality Management Systems.

Our quality management system is independently audited and certified to the international standards AS/NZS ISO 9001 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements” and AS ISO 20252 “Market, Opinion and Social Research – Vocabulary and Service Requirements”.

Our commitment to Quality affects all aspects of the business as described by our Quality Policy Statement.


Although reasonable efforts are used to ensure that the website will be current and will contain no errors or inaccuracies, no representations, warranties, guarantees or conditions (whether express or implied) are given as to the operation of this website or that this website and the information, content or materials included in this website will be error free or completely accurate or current at all times, or at any time.

Roy Morgan is not liable to you or any other person for any loss or injury resulting directly or indirectly to the use of the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award information and this website whether or not caused by negligence.


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